Ellie Phillips

Ellie Phillips is a character in Lego City: Undercover, however, she does not appear in Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins. Ellie is not an officer and works behind a desk as a special assistant at the police department in Cherry Tree Hills. She gives Chase McCain advice over his communicator and is in charge of the disguise store in the basement of the police department. Frank Honey shows a romantic interest in her, however, Ellie only finds it a bit cute.   


Ellie Phillips

Ellie Phillips

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Ellie has a thick accent and a personality to go with it. She sounds very rugged yet also has a soft dimension to her demeanor. A well rounded person, Ellie is not easy to upset and is generally optimistic. While she can seem uncertain about Chase's endevors, she makes sure to help Chase as much as possible anyway.

Ellie has a fondness for animals and has a good relationship with her dog. She seems like the kind of person who wouldn't mind the outdoors, especially since her uncle, Duke Huckleberry, works at the police department in Bluebell National Park.


Ellie Phillips is the daughter of Duke Huckleberry's sister. Ellie is unmarried, lives in a house, and owns a dog as a pet. She does not work at the police department in Cherry Tree Hills until sometime after the events of Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins. As a calm and laid back person, she does not join Chase on any of his assignments, having a desk job in the basement of the police department. However, she does frequently contact him on his communicator, offering him advice and assistance during his work hours. The location of her house is unknown, though, it is probably somewhere in either the rural part of Lego City or Cherry Tree Hills. She does not live in an apartment.

After Natalia gets into a lot of trouble, Ellie offers her a place to live for a while. Natalia takes her up on her offer and moves into Ellie's house. During Natalia's stay with Ellie, Natalia regularly walks Ellie's dog while she is at work. Not too long after moving in, Natalia disappears and ends up in trouble again.

Ellie never receives any kind of promotion and simply continues her desk job. She never has any kind of assistance and is solely responsible for doing her own work. Other than having the regular conversation with Chase and being roommates with Natalia, Ellie only has minimal interactions with any of the other characters.

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